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Shalom, Salam, Peace (cant list all languages greetings here, sorry), For those of you who actually read the intro’s to a site, the objectives of this site are to promote the study of True Thorah [the Teachings of YHWH], not the fearful ways of men; to find out who YHWH / Shadday truly is, who Yahusha is, and what this journey with the Creatress/Creator is all about. Just who is what and how it all relates to us is the direction of this site. Freedom from the fear mongering of religion.

Over the last few years, some major changes have been taking place with my
relationship with YHWH. Those of you who know me, or have at least known of me from my studies,
have noticed the changes in studies and additions to this site.
Some of the information, that was strictly based on the Tanak/Bible, has disappeared
or been ammended, with additions from archaeology and linguistics. From my early years I started
specific studies, with limited reference resources. So those studies changed with a
better understanding of the Hebrew. With the resources of several
university and seminary libraries, I now had access to material I did not have available before,
and again those core studies changed, expanding, becoming more three dimensional,
more real. Then I found Eisenbrauns, a scholarly publication source and for the first time,
I could order and own the most amazing archaeological books and choose for myself,
not having to just accept what a particular library had available. These materials put at my
disposal the tools necessary to deal with what I was directed in the beginning. The ironic
thing is, I remember taking a trip up to the Austin libraries, when I lived in San Antonio,
because I needed certain maps to see what was going on when and where. I ended up
camping on those library floors with a multitude of books spread out before me, many years later.
And some of those books that I placed a very large order for from Eisenbrauns, years ago,
have all been referenced into these studies. I am no longer bound by the fear mongering of a patriarchal Indo-European religious system and the resulting relationship with YHWH (Iahu) is unbelievably liberating.

While some might scream, "anti-semitism," for anything that I write, if it does not line up with Rabbinical Judaism, those of you who do, might look into the Tanak and my book references. As I study the text of the Tanak, I see patterns, contradictions, questions. When I come to the point where I have enough to form a hypothesis, I go searching for additional sources to see what they have found on the subject; oddly enough, the bulk of my sources turn out to be Jewish scholars who have enough chutzpah to speak the truth. There is also the fact that the Jewish people do not make up the whole of the Semitic race, contrary to the belief of some. If I speak about the Qaraiym [Karites] research against the Talmud, how is that anti-semitic? Qaraiym are Hebrew, some even Jews. Their disagreement with the Talmud is valid. So it is not anti-semitic to speak against the Talmud. If I speak about Dawiyd [David], one of the idols of Judaism and Christianity, concerning his usurping authority and being a man of blood, that is also not anti-semitic. The history is all right there, in the book of the Jewish people, the Tanak [Old Testament to Christians]. People should read that book more carefully before they begin hurling accusations. It is not anti-semitic to point out aspects of the ancient Arabic faith involving YHWH. This site is not anti-semitic. What it is is anti-polytheism; anti-continued Israelite idolatry; anti-religious ignorance; anti-caste systems; and anti-religious and ethnic superiority, regarless of the ethnicity. This site is all about searching for the truth, regardless of what we find or where that leads us. It
is a site where you cast off the religiously inherited fear and dare to ask questions,
seeking out the answers.

This site is not a site of syncretism. I do not believe in the wholesale mixing of faiths to make a super-conglomerate religion. In fact, I despise mans religions. Neither does this site promote the rampant sectarianism that has become so contagious. I do not seek to further divide what is already so splintered. Rather, I seek a wholeness, oneness in creation. Though some of the research and sources may seem a bit eclectic to some of you, it is only to show that no one sect has the keys. Through archaeology and textual research, we can see more of who YHWH really is (not a thunderbolt weilding patriarchal sky god). We can remove the stumbling blocks, for our sakes and those of others that follow. In all things, we should zealously seek harmony, healing, not the traditions and religions of man.

On all the documents at this site, the Hebrew is a font. If you are seeing lowercase nonsense words, such as dedi, then you need the Hebrew font. Go to the Resources section and download the font. For quoting Scriptures, I use a font called Copperplate Gothic Condensed BT, which is a TrueType font. You may need that for viewing passages of Scripture quoted. I use that font because it simulates the caseless Hebrew, thereby avoiding the translator emphasis of capitals.


I hope this site will be a blessing to those that enter.


Kathryn QannaYahu